Wireless Networks


Wi-Fi today is a basic infrastructure service. Everybody owns and uses a Wi-Fi enabled devices – phones, tables, notebooks. BCOMM provides all the services necessary for the reliable and secure operation of Wi-Fi networks.

Wireless networks inside buildings are a very special challenge, especially when the coverage shall be comprehensive and area-wide and when Wi-Fi must also be used for voice services. This is why we set a high value on the coordination of all involved technologies. It is not only the right positioning of the access points but the provide proper cabling and power requirements.

BCOMM plans and simulations wireless networks based on the blueprints in new construction. We also add our experience and perform site surveys to ensure optimal signals in areas to be covered.


BCOMM provides concepts, planning, budgeting, surveys as well as legal consulting, installation and management of your Wi-Fi networks.

  • Planning and simulation of Wi-Fi coverage, frequencies and throughput
  • Installation in buildings – as hidden as possible, as visible as necessary
  • Weatherproof installation in outdoor areas
  • Point-to-point connections
  • Hardware und software
  • Tailor made solutions for hotels, chalets, etc.
  • Configuration of hardware
  • Location based services
  • Training
  • Integration into your existing network

Value add

A wireless network must not only be a static infrastructure. It should be alive! With location-based services and geo tagging to make it a potent marketing tool!