Professional design, planning, implementation and a perfect management solution for your network infrastructure and technology needs

With our help you see your IT Infrastructure as a source of measurable benefits for your business and not any more as an expensive necessity!

BCOMM establishes a close relationship with our customers, in order to provide them with next-generation solutions in every stage of their journey. From virtualization to complete infrastructure as a service (IaaS) - and cloud solutions.


A datacenter is the heart of every modern enterprise

A data center can consume a lot of precious resources. This is why organizations worldwide are looking for a next-generation approach which helps them to handle the steady data growth, rising operational costs and continually changing business requirements. Virtualization and cloud computing are changing the IT world. Companies have almost infinite possibilities to leverage availability and efficiency, improved systems management and reduced cost for power and environmental needs. It enables them to provide their users with the applications they need much quicker and more reliably and reduces your cost significantly! But getting resources in a virtual infrastructure gives you only computing power, RAM, disk space and connectivity, which is not enough. BCOMM can utilize this in the best ways possible, to improve your business' performance and act as your IT intelligence helping you lower all of your total cost of ownership while improving performance.


Managed Services


Security is not just a matter of installing state of the art hardware. It is a dynamic and continuous process of adapting social and technical components to get the best possible protection for your company.


Through close proactive monitoring we notice before our customers when systems or the network are not working the way they should and respond quickly to resolve issues. This proactive approach saves time and money.

Patch Management

Intelligent patch management is the most important prerequisite for maintaining uptime and a secure system. Systems need to be provided with the latest security updates as soon as possible in order to keep your company and client data secure.


Data loss is of course one of the worst scenarios in modern IT. An intelligent backup solution and a comprehensive Disaster Recovery plan lets you sleep well at night knowing your data is safe, secure and can be recovered in the event of a disaster.



We make our customers happy!

All our efforts - from the concept to the management of your IT systems - are tailored to providing our customers with a secure and reliable network.

With all we do the success of our customer's business is in the spotlight. We create networks and systems that give our clients the opportunity to reach their goals easier and much faster!

We do our job so that you can do yours even better!

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What our clients say

BCOMM saved me a lot of work in management and coordination with the hotel operator.

Big enterprises like ours apprechiate the less complicated and quick approach of a small but nice team, which always operates fast and reliably.

We are very glad to have BCOMM as our reliable IT partner. Our business involves adapting quickly to very fast changing requirements – it is indispensable to know such a flexible and reliable team like BCOMM on your side!

BCOMM manages our infrastructure perfectly, so we can fully concentrate on our business!